Eager and dedicated award-winning 3D artist with good all-round technical and creative knowledge of CGI, having created several games and animations over the years, from conception through to completion. Graduated from Bournemouth University with a 1st in 3D CGI: Modelling and Animation BSc (Hons), and currently working as a 3D Generalist creating industry-leading training simulators. Always open to new opportunities and challenges, so get in contact using the details below! marc@marchales.co.uk+44 (0) 7402421575
9 Character
mocap character animation

The result of a university project in which a silent movie themed animation had to be produced using motion capture technology. This first involved creating a new character in the style of the stitchpunk characters from the post-apocalyptic film, 9. The personality of this new character which I then attempted to portray with the motion capture suit, is that he is an old, eccentric scientist of sorts, who is both actively curious and cautious at the same time. The animation explores the reactions of the character as he stumbles across a lantern, before following his attempts at trying to grab it.

Responsible For:
All aspects.

3ds Max, Mental Ray, MotionBuilder, Photoshop, Composite, Vegas.

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