Eager and dedicated award-winning 3D artist with good all-round technical and creative knowledge of CGI, having created several games and animations over the years, from conception through to completion. Graduated from Bournemouth University with a 1st in 3D CGI: Modelling and Animation BSc (Hons), and currently working as a 3D Generalist creating industry-leading training simulators. Always open to new opportunities and challenges, so get in contact using the details below! marc@marchales.co.uk+44 (0) 7402421575
Viper Mk.II
low poly spaceship

A low poly recreation of the Viper Mk.II spaceship as seen in the TV series, Battlestar Galactica. It was created for use in the Source engine game, Garry's Mod. As the engine did not support coloured specular maps at the time of the model's creation, the specular map was made in black and white. The final render was created by Richard Boisvert.

Triangle Count

Responsible For:
Modelling and texturing.

Maya, Photoshop.

Colour #1
Wires #1
Textures #1